Le Grand Cru Moenchberg

The grand cru account Moenchberg 11.83 hectares. Our field has 0.70 acres.

We have an exclusive, since we are the only area to be planted Gewurztraminer, the rest of the area is planted with Riesling.

moineSparrow west of the town of Eichhoffen, at the exit of Andlau, the said Moenchberg-place covers a gently sloping hillside, at an altitude of 230 to 260m. It is entirely based on scree quaternary materials, consisting of a silty-clay matrix. Soil is very fine texture, clayey silt, sometimes sandy, limestone tends to peak.

Moenchberg the "Mount of monks" is one of the oldest vineyards of Alsace, first planted during the Roman occupation.

Very great wine, Alsace Grand Cru Gewurztraminer Moenchberg present marked by a fruity aromas of exotic fruits. This is a wine that fills the mouth well with currant aromas that are bound by its clay-limestone-marl soil. Only after four to five years of warning that the wines of the taster Moenchberg offer more complex flavors, flint and spice.

The Moenchberg is quoted in the famous classification of Grands Crus vineyards of Alsace, published in 1852 by the ampelographer Stoltz.

The average yield for this Grand Cru per hectare is 55 hl / ha.


  ENCÉPAGEMENT (EN % PAR CÉPAGE) : Riesling 67% - Pinot Gris 27% - Gewurztraminer 6%  


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