Le Grand Cru Wiebelsberg

Our area has 0.45 acres of Grand Cru Wiebelsberg. We have chosen to plant Riesling there in order to make wine an exceptional wine, a great minerality.

The Wiebelsberg offers exceptional terroir in 1983 and is part of the twenty four localities selected to become the geographical designations of the appellation Alsace Grand Cru.

At the exit of the valley of Andlau, this Grand Cru short on finage of the town of Andlau, north of the city, at an altitude between 250 and 300m.

chenilletteIts substrate is higher Vosges sandstone partially masked downstream by deposits of scree materials Quaternary. Sandstones are essentially quartz grain compounds cemented by a ferruginous or siliceous matrix, where layers of clay can be intercalated. Soils are sandy and well draining and fast warming. Their steep allows them to enjoy all the sunshine, by the rocks.

Southern exposure and southeast, a steep slope, a river at the bottom of the valley, all of which create an ideal microclimate for the birth of a great vintage.

End, distinctive, very floral, delicate fruitiness, a noble and distinguished body, Riesling Alsace Grand Cru Wiebelsberg ages beautifully.

This hill of 12.52 ha is particularly favorable for Riesling, the average yield for this Grand Cru per hectare is 55 hl / ha.

When they come from fine vintages, the wines can age Wiebelsberg of up to thirty years. That said one can enjoy from their earliest youth, when the fruity outweighs minerality.


  ENCÉPAGEMENT (EN % PAR CÉPAGE) : Riesling 96% - Pinot Gris 4%  


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