Family wealth of concern and Marcel Matthew spans a dozen hectares. On which are planted seven Alsatian grape varieties.

We try as much as possible to rejuvenate and thus maintain an optimum level of quality. To do this you will find on our estate vineyards with 40 and over called "Old vines" that give us wines of rare characters by their numbers and their flavors, but we also strive to ensure the sustainability of vineyard replanting each year of new plantations to expand our land and meet the demand of our customers.

Our plantations are usually made after the waist in April. We strive to attain ideal planting density suitable for wine growing equipment used.


suitable for wine growing equipment used.
The seasons we make sure to bring the vine that it needs to provide us with grapes of the highest quality so that it expresses their full potential once it becomes wine.

To do this we practice viticulture which is as its name suggests to feed the plant at the right time and especially so thoughtful. That inputs are organic or mineral think we'll plot by plot their needs. This work is based on careful observation of our vines.

To respect the environment, we plot our enherbons a row on two, and in full when we are on Vignes hillsides to limit the risk of erosion. In addition to the vegetation cover and the support we are receiving from the grass, this weed is also a source of nutrition for the plant and a key factor to maintain soil life.

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