Work in cellar

Upon receipt of the harvest, each batch of grapes is checked to verify its quality as a whole. Grapes are thus conveyed to the press, in which they will be pressed in an oscillating program (depending on quality and sought wines) from four to six hours.

Different grape juice collected will be channeled into a tank provided for this purpose, all by gravity in order to preserve the maximum juice. From there we can focus our juice to the desired destination tank to let stand the cold during 12/24 hours.

The next day the same juice is racked and racked into a proper tank during which we will sow using yeast selected accordingly.

Our winery, combining modern and traditional, is comprised of a range of diverse and varied fermenting to best optimize the vinification and aging of our wines.

The mosaic, created in 1970 represents Andlau Castle and Castle Spesbourg overlooking the vineyards and vines size until harvest. This artistic masterpiece covers the recessed area of ​​tanks behind the wall that can accommodate 35,000 Litres of Wine.


Fermentation is a delicate period where we will monitor our juices closely through various parameters. We ensure that fermentation is slowly going by controlling the temperature to finish once we can get a maximum of finesse.

Our wines are now withdrawn and sent to a tank that we will ouiller to protect them from oxidation. They will be resting during the winter season, which will allow us to stabilize the wines without adding products.

White wines will be filtered and bottled between May and August depending on the desired quality.

The base wines for Crémant them will be bottled as soon as we have them again seeded to begin their second fermentation that will last 15 to 18 months. This foam outlet is to rest the bottles in our cellar so that ferments in the bottle imprisoned convert sugar into alcohol and remaining through this fermentation result the excitement of our Crémant.

The red wines in turn are derived from a fermentation maceration during which our juice in contact with the grape skins may through the temperature extract tannins, aromas and color. These red wines will them to be placed in oak barrels for a period of about 6 months during which the wine will be able to round up, forming a well balanced combination of primary and tertiary aromas until their bottling.

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